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    Dear Client, our restaurant is still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please keep an eye out on our social media pages and website for a re opening announcement.

    Who is Madù?

    Madu is the modern digital nomad, in love with freedom, open spaces, flexibility and adaptability; always in search of new bits of culture, knowledge, ways of life, linguistic quirks, memories.

    These are the things that enrich and reshape us.

    Take Madu’s hand, travel the world and sample its tastes, colours and textures.
    Madu might not be a real person. But Madu is as real as you and I.

    Justin — Bringing Madu to life

    The concept of Madu is brought to life by the expert hand and mind of Justin Schieda, whose culinary journey has taken him across pretty much any imaginable role in the kitchen — from assistant-pizzaiolo at 16 years of age, to building his chops as a Stagiaire at the Ledbury in London (2 Michelin Star), and eventually heading prestigious kitchens locally including Hammett’s Gastro Bar, and Venus Restaurant.
    Through his journeys, Justin has gathered a wealth of knowledge, insights and experiences. Now, he’s ready to share them with you through the unique concept of Madu.
    Prepare to embark on a nomadic journey like no other.