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    Dear Client, our restaurant is still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please keep an eye out on our social media pages and website for a re opening announcement.


    The menu at Madu is a journey.
    Travel the world, meet its myriad people, absorb its sights, sounds and tastes in every dish at Madu.
    Every creation on our menu is a fusion of exciting influences from across the globe.
    You’ll find South American, enhanced by crispy Asian textures; Mediterranean coloured by the warmth of African joy; vegan and vegetarian options; thrilling cocktails and energising smoothies. And it’s all prepared with a strong sensibility towards the planet, in our mission to help eliminate single-use plastics and maintain a sustainable environment. At Madu, you get to choose your journey with every visit.
    Take Madu’s hand and let yourself be consumed by the world.

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    Madu is a place for those of us who are nomads at heart.
    . Those of us whose mind loves to wander.
    Those of us who feel the urge to touch, taste, feel and experience everything the world has to offer.
    We crave freedom, open space, flexibility, adaptability, culture, knowledge, new ways of life, linguistic quirks, memories; because these are the things that define us.
    You, me, Madu... we are the new nomads. Let us set out on a journey and be consumed

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